Alcohol Related Car Accident Statistics (2013)

In 2013, over ten thousand people were pronounced dead as a result of DWI/intoxication manslaughter related car accidents (any deadly accident involving a driver having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or or more is considered a felony DWI manslaughter case).

The numbers of these types of deaths are almost the same as the year before as over 10,300 people were killed in drunk driving related auto accidents in the year 2012.

Of the Americans who had been killed in traffic & other related auto accidents in 2013, 31% lost their lives as a result of felony DWI, as previously stated, a serious criminal offense in the United States.

This year, driving under the influence of alcohol (Driving While Intoxicated) alone accounted for 18% of the overall economic reduction that resulted from automobile accidents. Estimates suggest that this tragic reality has resulted in a charging of the market just for as much as $199 million. This figure was calculated using metrics that quantify the indirect and quality of life deficits (NHTSA) that could be measured.


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